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MSV has introduced a raft of major upgrades to the GB3 Championship car for the 2022 season onwards to enhance both the performance and its safety standards. MSV’s existing partner, Tatuus, has supplied a completely new chassis, the Tatuus MSV-022, which incorporates the halo and improved side-impact protection, plus revisions to the roll hoop, headrest, front anti-intrusion panel, seat and fuel cell areas.

A new aerodynamics package features a completely revised underfloor, diffuser, skid block, keel and bib, plus changes to the side pods, radiator ducts, damper cover and engine cover. Downforce levels will be increased significantly over the current car, though the existing proven and highly efficient front and rear wing components will remain to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

To complement the increased aerodynamic performance, there will be an upgraded specification for the highly rated two litre, four cylinder normally aspirated Mountune engine, to enable the unit to now produce over 250bhp at 8500 rpm, a 20bhp increase on the previous specification. As a consequence of the power hike the new car will feature a side air-intake and carbon airbox similar to earlier generation F3 cars, and a switch to a fly-by-wire port throttle inlet manifold system.

Most other well proven parts of the car, such as the Sadev gearbox, suspension, brakes and electronics will remain unchanged, so teams will be able to continue working with the outstandingly reliable and popular technical package.

Crucially, the new upgrades will ensure the 2022 specification car retains the lightweight, nimble and responsive handling characteristics and super-responsive normally aspirated engine that have been praised by drivers since the current chassis was introduced. The addition of the halo is expected to add only around 12kg to the weight of the cars, which will be more than compensated for by the increase in aerodynamic performance and power.

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